Enjoy a Weekend Escape to Palm Beach

Sydney is a great city, but even locals need to get away once in a while. If you’re looking for the perfect weekend escape destination, Palm Beach is one of the best destinations to consider. Featuring gorgeous beaches, serene parklands, famous national parks, and amazing beachside accommodation options, Palm Beach has everything you need for the perfect weekend getaway.

To help you plan a weekend escape to Palm Beach, I have prepared somewhat of a guide for you. Follow this guide, and you’ll enjoy the best that the area has to offer without having to travel too far from your Palm Beach accommodation.

Walk to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse

The iconic Barrenjoey Lighthouse is one of Palm Beach’s most popular attractions. However, what adds to the popularity of the place are the hiking trails leading to the lighthouse. There are a couple of trails for you to explore, both of which will treat you to fantastic views.

Hire a boat and discover the beauty of Pittwater

There’s plenty to explore along the diverse waterways of Pittwater, and the best way to do so is by hiring a boat or chartering a ferry. Several boats and ferry operators offer tours along Pittwater, and it’s a fantastic way to discover the beauty of Palm Beach. And if you’re a Beach Stay guest then you can take advantage of our boat transfer service. Just ask me about it when you arrive!

Try a little scuba diving

Palm Beach is also home to some of the finest spots for scuba diving along the Northern Beaches region. So, make sure to indulge in some scuba diving over the weekend – it’s an unforgettable experience! You can find more information about diving spots in Palm Beach here.

Catch a ferry to Patonga or Ettalong

The seaside suburbs of Patonga and Ettalong, located close to Palm Beach, are fantastic areas to explore. Just hop on a ferry or avail our boat transfer service and head over to these suburbs for some unique attractions and souvenirs. You’ll also be treated to some awesome views along the way.

Learn to surf on one of Australia’s best beaches

Apart from its diving locations, Palm Beach is also famous for its surf breaks. Many visitors take a weekend escape to Palm Beach just for the surf. Even if you’re not into surfing, you can always learn to surf on one of Australia’s best beaches at the Manly Surf School.

Take the official ‘Home and Away’ Tour

Ever wondered why Palm Beach is so popular? It’s the place where Home and Away is filmed after all. You can also take the official Home and Away Tour on your Palm Beach holiday. You’ll get to explore all filming locations on this day tour.

Eat till you can’t eat anymore

Due to its popularity as a holiday destination, there are plenty of fantastic restaurants, cafes, and eateries in Palm Beach – which is what I look forward most on a weekend escape! Some of my personal favourites include The Boathouse and Palm Beach Fish and Chips. I recommend you try these amazing restaurants on over a weekend escape.

Palm Beach accommodation for your weekend escape

Iluka Twelve Apartment in Palm Beach

Stay at the ‘Iluka Twelve’ apartment in Palm Beach from just $250 per night!

You can’t enjoy a weekend escape with booking accommodation, and for Palm Beach accommodation, we’ve got you completely covered. Take a look at our holiday rentals at Barrenjoey Beach House, The Love Shack, Palm Terrace, and Iluka Twelve. Any of these properties makes an excellent choice for your Palm Beach accommodation.


Palm Beach is one of the best destinations for a weekend getaway. Some things you must do on a weekend holiday in Palm Beach include walk to Barrenjoey Lighthouse, hire a boat to discover Pittwater, try out scuba diving, catch a ferry to Ettalong or Patonga, learn to surf at Manly Surf School, take the official ‘Home and Away’ tour and eat till you can’t eat anymore.

Moreover, for luxurious Palm Beach accommodation that allows you to enjoy the best of the area without having to travel too far, consider our holiday rentals at Beach Stays.

Take a look at our range of Palm Beach accommodation and make a booking with us today!

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