1 Bedroom Apartment vs. Hotel – Which Is the Better Option?

1 Bedroom Apartment vs. Hotel – Which Is the Better Option? Pittwater Apartment in Palm Beach

With spectacular beaches, majestic parks, untouched waterways, and unforgettable experiences, Sydney is one of Australia’s crowned jewels. While the city itself presents plenty to see and do, the Northern Beaches region of Sydney, especially Palm Beach is fast becoming a popular holiday destination of choice.

Located just 45km north of Sydney, Palm Beach is a peaceful seaside suburb with pristine beaches and tranquil surroundings. Due to its excellent connectivity to Sydney, there are plenty of hotels, motels, and holiday apartments in the region.

If you’re a business traveller or you’re a couple looking for accommodation in Sydney’s Palm Beach, then you should consider 1 bedroom apartment apartments over hotels as they offer many benefits that I will outline today in this article.

Three reasons why you should choose 1 bedroom apartments in Sydney over hotels

1. Better value for money

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of 1 bedroom apartments in Sydney is that they offer excellent value for money. Holiday apartments are usually cheaper than hotels, and much more so in popular tourist destinations like Sydney.

To prove my point, I did a little research. I went to booking.com and looked up hotels in Palm Beach with a 4-star rating. The average cost looks to be about $360 per night, on average. This is much more than the 4-star 1-bedroom apartments in Sydney we offer at the Iluka Apartments in Palm Beach (which by the way, start at just $250 per night). By choosing to stay in 1 bedroom apartments in Sydney, you will be saving a lot on your accommodation.

2. More convenience and more space

If you think that staying at a hotel in Sydney will offer you convenience, let me tell you that’s not the case. Most hotels feature the same offering – a single room with different facilities and amenities. Unless you splurge on your accommodation, you really won’t get the best of space or convenience from a hotel room.

On the other hand, 1 bedroom holiday apartments are full-sized apartments with separate areas for sleeping, living, dining, and cooking. Not only do our holiday apartments offer more space, but they also offer better privacy compared to hotel rooms. By choosing to stay with us, you’ll enjoy the very best in terms of space, convenience, and privacy from your accommodation.

3. Fantastic amenities

Many people seem to think that holiday apartments don’t offer great facilities or amenities. However, this is not the case. If you compare 4-star holiday apartments with 4-star hotels in Sydney, you’ll find that the facilities and amenities provided are usually on par.

Our 1 bedroom holiday apartments in Sydney include fantastic facilities and amenities. From air conditioning and heating to Wi-Fi and Foxtel connectivity, TVs and entertainment systems, fully-equipped kitchens, BBQ facilities, swimming pool and onsite parking, our apartments feature it all. With such fantastic amenities on offer, you needn’t consider looking at hotels in Sydney.


If you are considering booking a hotel in Sydney, you should consider 1 bedroom apartments in Sydney instead. Holiday apartments offer much better value than hotels, allowing you to save on your holiday accommodation costs. Holiday apartments also offer more space, more convenience, and more privacy compared to hotels. Finally, most holiday apartments offer facilities and amenities on par with hotels.

For luxurious 1 bedroom apartments in Sydney that include world-class amenities and facilities, look no further than our rentals at Beach Stays. Check out our range of holiday apartments at Iluka Apartments. Any of these makes a fantastic choice for accommodation in Sydney.

To book one of our holiday apartments, give us a call at +61 2 9974 2108 or make an online booking with us today!

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