5 Reasons to Holiday in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

It goes without saying; Sydney’s Northern Beaches is a fantastic holiday destination. With stunning beaches, breathtaking lookouts, untouched waterways, coastal pathways, cliff tops, and gorgeous headlands, there’s plenty to see and do in the region. Moreover, due to its popularity, there are plenty of holiday rentals in Northern Beaches.

Today, I will provide five solid reasons why you should choose the Northern Beaches as your next holiday destination. Hopefully, this article will convince you of planning an upcoming holiday with us.

1. It offers amazing day trip destinations

Freshwater Beach

Freshwater Beach in Pittwater Credit: Adam J.W.C

One of the biggest reasons to choose the Northern Beaches for your next holiday is because it offers so many amazing day trip destinations to explore whilst in the region. Some of the most popular ones include The Baha’i Temple, Palm Beach, Freshwater, Manly to Spit Walk and North Head Lookout, among many others.

By staying in the Northern Beaches region, you’ll be able to visit any one of these wonderful day trip destinations.

2. It’s home to some of Sydney’s best beaches

The Northern Beaches region is arguably home to some of Sydney’s finest beaches, which makes it reason enough to holiday in the region. With fantastic beachside holiday rentals, quaint cafes and restaurants, brilliant surf breaks and scuba diving spots, the Northern Beaches offers it all.

Some of the best beaches in the Northern Beaches region include Palm Beach, Manly Beach, Shelly Beach, and Avalon Beach, which I wrote about in my last post. These are only a few of the most popular of many other beaches in the region.

3. There’s plenty of holiday rentals in Northern Beaches

Palm Beach Hideaway

The Palm Beach Hideaway – Holiday Home in Palm Beach

Like I mentioned earlier, you’ll find plenty of holiday rentals in Northern Beaches. While the majority of these are holiday apartments, you’ll also find holiday homes, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and hotels in the area. Most of these include parking, a swimming pool and a few of them also allow pets. In terms of the most popular destinations, Palm Beach features the highest number of holiday rentals in the area.

Some of our best properties in the Northern Beaches include The Palm Beach Hideaway, Avalon Oasis, and Angophra. Any of these luxurious holiday rentals in Northern Beaches makes the ideal choice for your holiday.

4. There’s great shopping In Northern Beaches

The Northern Beaches also boasts of having some fantastic shopping malls and precincts. While you can find small shopping malls spread out across the suburbs and villages, you can also find some large shopping centres across the region.

Head over to the village shops to buy unique souvenirs and authentic products that you won’t find elsewhere. Moreover, for all other shopping needs, head over to Warriewood Square, Westfield Warringah Mall or Dee Why Grand.

5. Moreover, of course, great dining options


No holiday destination can be complete without great dining options. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of options in the Northern Beaches region. From quaint seaside cafes and eateries to unique restaurants and inns, you can experience every type of dining on your holiday.

While you’ll have a great time exploring the beach kiosks and beachfront restaurants, make sure to head over to The Newport, which is incredibly popular with the locals. Do try the burgers and the fish and chips while you’re there.


There are several reasons to holiday in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The area is famous for some amazing day trip destinations, and it is also home to some of Sydney’s finest beaches. You’ll find plenty of holiday rentals in the Northern Beaches and it also offers some amazing shopping and dining options.

With so many reasons to choose from, you should start planning an upcoming Northern Beaches holiday. Also, for luxurious holiday rentals in Northern Beaches, look no further than us here at Beach Stays! Check out our range of holiday rentals in Northern Beaches and make a booking with us today!

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