5 Things to Do In Newport This Summer

It’s no surprise that the Northern Beaches is a honey-pot for tourists over the summer months of December, January and February. With no shortage of activities, attractions and events happening across the entire region, you’ll always find something interesting to do.

A couple of weeks back, I looked at the best five things today in Palm Beach this summer and today, its Newport’s turn. As one of the most popular suburbs in the Northern Beaches, Newport has much to offer locals and guests alike. So, let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in Newport this summer.

Hit the beach, of course!

This may be a given, but you would be remiss to visit Newport in summer and not spend a day at the beach, and Newport Beach isn’t the only beach – Bungan Beach in Newport is also worth checking out.

Newport Beach is a popular attraction all year round, but especially in summer when the weather is at its best. The due-east facing beach attracts skilled surfers, and it is also a popular spot for wind-surfing.

The 50m Newport Rockpool is located at the southern end of Newport Beach and is said to be one of the most beautiful places to do laps in Sydney.

Spend an afternoon wining and dining

What better way to spend a sunny summers afternoon than with friends and family eating and drinking in some of the best settings in Australia?

Newport is home to some fantastic lunch spots. I highly recommend an afternoon session at the Royal Motor Yacht Club,  The Newport, or Newport Arms Hotel.

Give a watersport a go!

Newport is located between Bungan Beach to the south and Bilgola Plateau to the north. On the west side is Pittwater and to the east is the Tasman Sea. Because of this locality, Newport’s waterways are ideal for a range of watersports, including yachting, surfing, scuba diving, and wind-surfing.

Summer offers the perfect time to give one of these popular watersports a go. There is no shortage of hire companies and learning schools in Newport and across the Northern Beaches, so you have no excuses!

Go sailing on Pittwater

Newport is called Newport for a reason. This coastal marine town is the ideal location to go sailing on Pittwater, and sailing is the perfect activity for summer. Moreover, it’s perfect for families too! Oh, its also ranked as the #1 thing to do in Newport on Trip Advisor, so it must be good, right?

Take a guided tour around Pittwater and see all the beautiful sights of the Northern Beaches. This is one experience that is definitely worth the money.


If you’re looking for things to do this summer, then consider adding a visit to Newport on your list. Newport is one of the most visited suburbs of the Nothern Beaches reasons, and it’s not hard to see why. It has excellent beaches, has plenty of dining options, is a watersport-lovers wonderland and is the ideal place to set sail on Pittwater.

While you can take a day-trip to Newport from Sydney, the activities and attractions mentioned in this article are best experienced when staying in the area. For this, you need Newport accommodation, which is precisely what Beach Stays has to offer.

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