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5 Things to Do In Newport This Summer

It’s no surprise that the Northern Beaches is a honey-pot for tourists over the summer months of December, January and February. With no shortage of activities, attractions and events happening across the entire region, you’ll always find something interesting to do. A couple of weeks back, I looked at the best five things today in Palm Beach this summer and today, its Newport’s turn. As one of the most popular suburbs in the Northern Beaches, Newport has much to offer […]

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Editors Pick: Accommodation in Newport

As writer and editor of the Beach Stays blog, I’m often asked by readers and friends for accommodation recommendations. One recommendation I’m asked about more than most is for accommodation in Newport. If you’re not familiar with Newport, then let me tell you, you’re missing out! Newport is one of the most popular Northern Beaches suburbs, and affluent, which is why, when it comes to accommodation in Newport, you want to make sure you choose wisely. As for me, I’ve […]

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4 Reasons to Book Holiday Accommodation in Newport

Newport is one of the hottest holiday destinations in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. With several attractions including the iconic Newport Beach, beachside cafes and restaurants and shopping areas, Newport is the perfect holiday destination for beachgoers, shoppers and boating enthusiasts alike. This quote from homely.com.au perfectly sums up what locals think of the area– “Newport is one of the best suburbs in Sydney as far as I know. There is a beautiful beach with all kinds of shops surrounding it! Really […]

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5 of the Best Holiday Homes in Newport

Newport is one of the hottest destinations along the Northern Beaches of Sydney. With attractions like Newport Beach, the Newport Hotel and several shopping areas, it is not difficult to see why beach-goers, shoppers and boating enthusiasts all flock to Newport. Due to this, holiday homes in the region have also grown in popularity over the past five years. As the owner of the Beach Stays, a company that provides holiday accommodation in northern Sydney, today I will showcase some […]

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