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Hotel vs Holiday Apartments in Sydney – Which Is Best?

Are you planning a trip to Sydney? If you are, then I bet your first thought is to book a hotel room, right? Well before you do, I’d like you to consider booking holiday apartments in Sydney instead. Unless you’re planning to stay in the city, I’d have to say that holiday apartments in Sydney are almost always a better choice than a hotel. Sydney covers a large area and has many regions and suburbs, and a lot of the […]

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1 Bedroom Apartment vs. Hotel – Which Is the Better Option?

With spectacular beaches, majestic parks, untouched waterways, and unforgettable experiences, Sydney is one of Australia’s crowned jewels. While the city itself presents plenty to see and do, the Northern Beaches region of Sydney, especially Palm Beach is fast becoming a popular holiday destination of choice. Located just 45km north of Sydney, Palm Beach is a peaceful seaside suburb with pristine beaches and tranquil surroundings. Due to its excellent connectivity to Sydney, there are plenty of hotels, motels, and holiday apartments […]

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