Hotel vs Holiday Apartments in Sydney – Which Is Best?

Hotel vs Holiday Apartments in Sydney – Which Is Best? The Masthead, Palm Beach

Are you planning a trip to Sydney? If you are, then I bet your first thought is to book a hotel room, right? Well before you do, I’d like you to consider booking holiday apartments in Sydney instead.

Unless you’re planning to stay in the city, I’d have to say that holiday apartments in Sydney are almost always a better choice than a hotel. Sydney covers a large area and has many regions and suburbs, and a lot of the time you won’t be able to find a hotel. But this isn’t a bad thing; imagine having a little home away from home; this is what holiday apartments offer.

At Beach Stays, while we specialise in luxury holiday houses, we also have some fantastic holiday apartments available at Iluka Apartments, which are located in Sydney’s popular Northern Beaches suburb of Palm Beach. Continue reading as I explain why these holiday apartments are a better choice than choosing to stay in a hotel.

Home away from home

Any holiday is expensive, whether it’s for a weekend or a month. But a holiday staying in hotels is all the more expensive. This is because you have none of the home comforts that you need to get through each day. There is no kitchen to store or prepare food, therefore you are forced to eat out or order room service for each meal, and there is also no laundry facilities, which means additional expenses.

By booking holiday apartments in Sydney, you will have your own (full-size) kitchen so, you can go to the grocery store and shop as would at home and prepare meals as you would at home. You also have a laundry or laundry facilities to be able to wash your own clothes.

More space and privacy

If there’s one thing to dislike about hotels, it’s that they are small and provide no privacy if you are sharing with family or friends. Often, it’s just a studio room with one or two beds and you have constant contact with your travel companions – your only privacy is in the bathroom.

By booking holiday apartments in Sydney, you have the choice of booking, usually a 1, 2 or 3-bedroom apartment, with separate areas for the living room, kitchen and dining area. This means you can find a quiet space in the apartment for some private time without having to retreat to the bathroom.

Can accommodate more guests

As mentioned above, hotel accommodation is usually in the form of a studio room that has one or two beds. At most, you can fit 4 people in this space. However, this is cramped living conditions.

By booking holiday apartments in Sydney, you have heaps more space – up to 3-bedrooms even – so you can accommodate more guests. Holiday apartments are perfect for family holidays, tips with friends or even wedding parties or wedding guests.

They are more affordable

Hotels would have to be the most expensive form of accommodation in Sydney or anywhere in the world for that matter. In Sydney, you could pay anywhere onwards of $280 per night for a small studio room. If you’re planning a long holiday, then there goes your spending money.

By booking holiday apartments in Sydney, you’ll see considerable savings. For the same price that you would get for a studio hotel room, you can get a spacious apartment with separate bedrooms, a full-size kitchen, and laundry facilities. Moreover, they can accommodate more people and therefore, much more affordable.


If you’re planning a holiday to Sydney, consider booking holiday apartments in Sydney over a hotel. Holiday apartments like those we offer at Iluka Apartments in Palm Beach offer all the comforts of home, offer more space and privacy, can accommodation more people and are much more affordable than hotels.

For holiday apartments in Sydney that offer all this and much more, consider staying at Iluka Apartments in Palm Beach. Click here to visit apartment listings at Iluka Apartments to plan your stay.ap

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