4 Reasons to Book Holiday Accommodation in Manly

4 Reasons to Book Holiday Accommodation in Manly Manly Beach

Of all the regions on the Northern Beaches, Manly is one of the best to stay in. This is because Manly boasts of iconic beaches, breathtaking views, lots of waterside activities and great beachside living. And, it’s proximity to Sydney increases its popularity as a holiday destination.

According to ‘Impact’, who left a review on homely.com.au, “Manly has some of our most beautiful beaches, the area itself is full of restaurants and laid back and awesome people. They have a hospital there, great vistas, awesome sands, and the area is just on a level of its own. If you live here you probably can’t appreciate how lucky you are actually to live in Manly, to the rest of us, it’s just a place we visit on a special occasion.”

As the owner of Beach Stays, a company that offers holiday accommodation in Manly, today I will list some reasons why I believe you should consider booking accommodation in Manly for your next holiday.

1. Fantastic holiday lifestyle

When it comes to enjoying a relaxing beachside holiday on the Northern Beaches, few other suburbs match Manly. With sandy ocean beaches, quaint beachside cafes and restaurants and promenades of trees, Manly offers exceptional natural beauty.

Whether you’re looking for a family holiday or a romantic getaway, Manly is the ideal destination. Its fantastic beachside lifestyle is reason enough for you to book holiday accommodation in Manly.

2. Great connectivity to Sydney

Manly Ferry on Sydney Harbour

Manly Ferry on Sydney Harbour

Manly is extremely close to Sydney, and this is a major reason why it is so popular as a holiday destination. Manly is under a half-hour drive away from Sydney CBD, and it also lies close to Darling Harbour, Sydney Harbour and Circular Quay. There is also a ferry service from Sydney to Manly.

Due to its excellent location, several Sydney residents flock to Manly for a short holiday. Manly also sees a good number of international and local tourists as well.

3. Plenty of things to do

While you can choose to have a lazy holiday on the beaches of Manly, there are plenty to things to do in the area as well. You can take a ferry ride to Manly Wharf and go on a whale watching cruise. You can also go fishing, kayaking, snorkelling and diving. There are plenty of tour operators who offer these activities in Manly.

Apart from exploring the water, you can also go hiking and trailing. The hinterland region is scenic and is filled with walkways to be explored. And, make sure to check out the local shops and markets in Manly, where you can pick up some unique souvenirs.

4. Luxurious accommodation options

Manly Seaside Cottage, Manly

Manly Seaside Cottage, holiday home in Manly

The final reason to book holiday accommodation in Manly is that there are fantastic beachside accommodation options available. While there are mostly holiday apartments, you’ll also find plenty of hotels and holiday homes in Manly.

Here, at Beach Stays, we offer several luxurious holiday homes in Manly. Our holiday homes are completely self-contained and include 5-star facilities and amenities. Moreover, each home offers a beachside location and tranquil surroundings.

I recommend you take a look at Manly Seaside Cottage and Manly Central holiday homes which we have featured on our website. Choosing either of these holiday homes will make your Manly holiday a truly enjoyable one!


There are many reasons why you should consider booking holiday accommodation in Manly. Manly boasts of a fantastic holiday lifestyle, and it is perfect for a short holiday. Manly is also well-connected to Sydney, and there are plenty of things to see and do in the region. There are also several luxurious accommodation options available in Manly.

And, for luxurious holiday accommodation in Manly, consider our holiday rentals here at Beach Stays. Book your holiday accommodation in Manly with us today!

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