4 Reasons to Book Accommodation in Cottage Point

4 Reasons to Book Accommodation in Cottage Point

Considered to be the most unspoilt suburb in Sydney, Cottage Point is a small suburb that offers a charm of its own. This serene suburb is located amidst tranquil waterfront parklands, and is one of the best holiday destinations around Sydney.

Today, I’ll offer you some compelling reasons why you should consider booking accommodation in Cottage Point. Hopefully, today’s article will convince you of planning an upcoming Cottage Point holiday.

1. It offers secluded accommodation

Cottage Point is an unspoilt suburb because it is so sparsely populated. Considered to be Sydney’s smallest suburb, Cottage Point has a locality of only 52 homes that cater to residents and holidaymakers. When it comes to finding a tranquil and secluded location for a holiday, nothing beats Cottage Point.

Coal & Candle Cottage

The fantastic deck at the Coal & Candle Cottage

Our holiday home at Coal & Candle Cottage in Cottage Point is fantastic accommodation for you to consider. This holiday home features a slew of facilities and amenities, and it offers the best of waterfront living. Its fantastic location will allow you to enjoy a range of outdoor activities as well. You cannot go wrong in choosing this property as your holiday accommodation in Cottage Point.

2. It is easily accessible from Sydney

One big reason behind the popularity of Cottage Point as a tourist destination is that it is easily accessible from Sydney. This is also why most holidaymakers in Cottage Point are Sydney residents who drive over for a weekend getaway, a romantic holiday or a family holiday.

Cottage Point is just a 39-minute drive away from Sydney CBD, and there are many ways to get there. Apart from driving or hiring a taxi, you can also take the line bus which takes about an hour, the train which takes about 1 hour 40 minutes to get to Cottage Point.

3. There is plenty to do nearby

Cottage Point Kiosk

Cottage Point Kiosk

Cottage Point may be a quaint suburb, but you have plenty to see and do in nearby areas. Cottage Point is located next to Hornsby and Ku-Ring-Gai National Park where you can indulge in plenty of exploring. Both national parks are filled with gorgeous trails and creeks and are perfect for bushwalking.

Apart from the national parks, you can visit Cottage Point Kiosk to purchase your supplies or to enjoy light meals. Moreover, for a great dining experience, head over to the Cottage Point Inn, which is a reason to visit in itself!

4. It’s where you’ll find Cottage Point Inn

Cottage Point Inn is an iconic waterfront restaurant that is located opposite Ku-Ring-Gai National Park. This restaurant has been around in some form or the other since the 1950s, and it is known for its unique and majestic views. Moreover, it is renowned for its extensive wine list and food menu.

Ideal for occasions, Cottage Point Inn, is often chosen for special parties and private weddings. The restaurant is so iconic that several people drive down from Sydney and end up loving the place so much that they finally make a holiday out of it.


There are many reasons to consider booking accommodation in Cottage Point. Cottage Point is an unspoilt suburb, and it offers tranquil and serene accommodation. Cottage Point is easily accessible from Sydney, and it is just a 39-minute drive from Sydney CBD. Despite being a quaint suburb, there is plenty to see and do in the area. Cottage Point is also where the iconic Cottage Point Inn is located.

Hopefully, these reasons have convinced you on planning a Cottage Point Holiday. Moreover, for luxurious holiday accommodation in Cottage Point, look no further than our rentals at Beach Stays.

Please take a look at our range of holiday rentals and book accommodation in Cottage Point with us today!

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