Northern Beaches Apartments – The Perfect Choice for Long-Term Rentals

Northern Beaches Apartments – The Perfect Choice for Long-Term Rentals Sunrise Apartment in Palm Beach

Are you in search of a long-term rental somewhere around Sydney’s Northern Beaches? If you are, then take it from me, apartments are a great option! As the owner of Beach Stays, a local business that specialises in Northern Beaches holiday rentals for short and long-term stays, when it comes to long-term rentals, our Northern Beaches apartments are a perfect choice.

While you may think that I am biased, given that I am the owner of Beach Stays, this opinion is shared by our guests also. Continue reading this post as I share with you why Northern Beaches apartments are perfect for long-term rentals.

Explore the area before committing

If you have just relocated to the Northern Beaches or you’re considering making a sea-change to the area, by choosing to stay in a Northern Beaches apartment for 1,2,3 etc. months, you can explore the area to see if it is the right location for you to put down roots before committing to a long lease or purchasing a property. Imagine what a huge mistake it would be to purchase a property only to realise that you didn’t like the area!

Great for business travellers

Northern Beaches apartments are great for business travellers as well. Whether you’re working in the Northern Beaches or in the City, an apartment is always a great choice. By staying in an apartment you are also able to find temporary accommodation for a short contract of under 6-months without having to break a lease. And, because it is located approx. 1-hour drive north of Sydney City, you’re close enough to commute to the city and be able to enjoy the surf-lifestyle on the weekends.

Cheaper than hotels

Sydney’s Northern Beaches is a notoriously prosperous area that is full of luxury homes and accommodation options – including hotels. If you were looking to book a hotel as a long-term rental in the Northern Beaches, one studio suite will likely cost you as much, if not more, than it would cost to rent an entire 2 bedroom apartment. You’re also not likely to receive any discount for long-term rentals such as those we offer here at Beach Stays (contact us for our best rates).

Provide all the comforts of home

While Northern Beaches apartments offer better value for money than hotels, they also provide you with many more amenities. When you have to stay in one place for an extended period of time, you want to be comfortable and to feel ‘at home’ as much as possible. Apartments allow for this. They are essentially a miniature home – without the yard. They offer separate bedrooms, a separate living area, dining area and kitchen and if you’re living with your family, extra space and privacy are essential!


If you’re in need of long-term rental accommodation in Sydney, then Northern Beaches apartments are a great choice. Located about 1-hour north of Sydney City, staying in a Northern Beaches apartment will allow you to explore the area before you commit to or put down your roots. They are also great for business travellers working in the city or on a short contract. They’re cheaper than hotels and offer better value for money with added space, privacy and amenities.

To find long-term rentals in Sydney today, give Beach Stays a call. We have over a range of Northern Beaches apartments in Palm Beach that are ideal for long-term rentals and we offer discounted weekly rates. Contact us via phone to discuss your options now by calling +61 2 9974 2108.

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