4 Reasons to Stay at Iluka Apartments in Palm Beach

4 Reasons to Stay at Iluka Apartments in Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the Northern Beaches’ most popular and most visited destination. With a famous beach, great surf, an array of natural parks and reserves, and a very welcoming township, it attracts visitors from far and wide.

However, Palm Beach is also very expensive. The medium property price for a home is $852,000 and holiday accommodation in the area is also pricey. The cost of living in such a pristine and attractive location is high. But there is a way to experience Palm Beach without it breaking the bank, and that’s by staying in a holiday apartment, such as the Iluka Apartments in Palm Beach.

Beach Stays manage a number of holiday apartments at Iluka Apartments in Palm Beach, which position visitors in a great location to be able to enjoy all that Palm Beach has to offer at a very affordable rate. In fact, our low-season rates start at just $180 per night.

Iluka Apartments - Pool

Continue reading as I share with you four reasons to stay at Iluka Apartments in Palm Beach.

They’re incredibly affordable

As mentioned above, Iluka Apartments in Palm Beach are incredibly affordable. From just $180 per night during low-season, you can have a one-bedroom apartment that sleeps up to four guests. That’s just $45 per person, per night.

They’re self-contained

Iluka Twelve Apartment in Palm Beach

Iluka Twelve Apartment in Palm Beach

The fact that Iluka Apartments in Palm Beach are self-contained makes them even more affordable. Each apartment contains a kitchen which allows you to do grocery shopping and cook meals as you would at home. Imagine the money you can save not dining out for each meal.

Iluka Apartments also have a self-serve laundry facility so you don’t have to pay to have your laundry done as well.

They’re perfect for families and friends

Second Bedroom

Second Bedroom at The Masthead – Iluka Apartments

Due to the apartment format, Iluka Apartments in Palm Beach are great for families and friends. Two Bedroom apartments are especially ideal for such visitors as you can have a room for the kids and a room for the parents or your own room if you are visiting Palm Beach with a friend or another couple.

Each apartment also has a balcony.

In addition to the extra space and privacy that the apartments offer, the complex also has a great swimming pool that kids will love (sun lounges and umbrellas for parents to watch on) and BBQ facilities also.

They’re idyllically located

Iluka Apartments - Palm Beach

Located one street back from Pittwater

Often, affordable apartments in Palm Beach are located in less than desirable locations. But this isn’t the case with Iluka Apartments. They are located at Palm Beach Village, where you have an array of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants at your door and Snappermans Beach is just 50 m away.


Palm Beach is a very popular destination that has much to offer tourists and locals alike. However, the cost of living here is high. As too is the cost of visiting. However, it is made more affordable by staying in self-contained apartments such as the Iluka Apartments in Palm Beach.

Beach Stay manages a number of one and two-bedroom apartments at Iluka Apartments which are suitable for 4-6 guests. If you’re looking to visit Palm Beach and want to cut back on your accommodation costs to spend more on enjoying all that Palm Beach has to offer, then Iluka Apartments are a great choice. In addition to being affordable, they are self-contained, ideal for families or friends holidaying together, and they offer a great location.

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