Top 5 Considerations When Booking Accommodation in Avalon

Over the past few years, Avalon has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Northern Beaches region of Sydney. With glittering south-east facing beaches, it’s a great hotspot for beachside activities such as surfing, windsurfing, swimming and fishing. And, because Avalon is located just 35 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD, its popularity as a tourist destination is only growing. Because of this, accommodation in Avalon is always in high demand.

Beach Stays is one of the leading property management companies offering accommodation in Avalon and Avalon Beach. And while I’d love for you to jump in and book your accommodation with us, there are a few considerations to make before you do so. Continue reading this article to ensure you take the necessary measures needed to find the perfect holiday accommodation in Avalon.

1. Is it close to the beach?

Bangalleys Holiday House, Avalon

Bangalleys Holiday House in Avalon

The best accommodation is Avalon is that which is located on the beach or close enough so you can walk to Avalon Beach. Accommodation close to the beach is also likely to offer fantastic beach views which is what everyone wants from their holiday accommodation.

While you should certainly choose beachside accommodation, also make sure to choose a property that has easy access to public transport and shops.

2. Do I need a holiday home or holiday apartment?

The biggest difference between holiday homes and holiday apartments is space and privacy. If you’re looking for larger accommodation and complete privacy, then a holiday home is optimal. You can still get larger 2 or 3-bedroom holiday apartments, but you won’t have the outdoor space. Also, you will most likely run into other guests of the apartment.

You’ll have much better luck finding a holiday home in Avalon than a holiday apartment as there are many more holiday homes in the suburb, such as Avalon Amaroo, shown below.

Avalon Amaroo Holiday Home 1

Avalon Amaroo Holiday Home at Avalon Beach

Beach Stays offers several holiday homes at Avalon Beach and other premier locations in Avalon. For beachside properties in Avalon Beach, take a look at our Surf View and Avalon Amaroo holiday homes. And, for luxurious holiday homes in Avalon, consider our Yachtman’s Paradise or Bangalleys holiday homes. Any of these properties will provide you with ideal accommodation in Avalon.

3. Is it kid/pet-friendly?

Depending on whether you’re travelling with your family or with your pet, you need to find suitable accommodation. Make sure that your accommodation provides enough appliances and facilities to make the entire family’s stay comfortable. If you’re taking your pet along, make sure that are enough amenities to suit their needs.

4. How many bedrooms and bathrooms does it have?

Once again, depending on the number of people you are holidaying with, you need to find accommodation that provides adequate space for everyone in the group. Make sure to consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms when booking your accommodation.

5. What facilities does it have?

Yachtsmans Paradise Holiday Home, Avalon

Yachtsmans Paradise Holiday Home in Avalon

Facilities is a very important thing to consider when booking accommodation in Avalon or any location for that matter. If you are on a family holiday, your accommodation should provide enough fun and entertainment facilities to amuse everyone. Wi-Fi and essential kitchen appliances are other facilities that shouldn’t be overlooked.

And, because Avalon is a beachside destination, you may want to consider an outdoor shower when choosing your accommodation. Make sure that your accommodation provides all the facilities you need before you make a booking.


Avalon is a very popular tourist destination in the Northern Beaches region of Sydney. Because of this, accommodation in Avalon is always in high demand. If you’re looking to book accommodation in Avalon, you should make a few considerations – is it close to the beach, do you need a holiday home or a holiday apartment, is it kid/pet-friendly, how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has and what facilities it provides. For the perfect accommodation in Avalon, you needn’t look any further than us at Beach Stays. Our luxurious holiday homes in Avalon and Avalon Beach will make your holiday a special one!

Book your accommodation in Avalon with us today and we will look forward to welcoming you on your arrival.

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