Single Use Plastics

The elimination of single-use plastics in hotels and holiday rentals, and its replacement with reusable alternatives have become a number one goal for many stakeholders across the hospitality industry globally.

Adopting alternative measures such as refillable dispensers for hand wash, for example, are crucial to keeping our oceans clean.

According to EHL Insights,about 8.8 million tons is then dumped directly into our oceans, a startling rate considering plastic will never fully decompose.

Some of the alternative options hotels are coming up with to replace single use plastic with reusable options, including laundry bags, pens, refillable toiletries and even garbage bags

Businesses have been forced to take action amid mounting pressure from increasingly eco-conscious consumers to avoid bad publicity, such as being ‘plastic shamed’ on social media.

For our industry, phasing out single-use plastics represents a significant shift as small plastic bottles of toiletries are what many guests have come to expect  It is important to consider these aspects within the changing landscape of holiday rentals, to ensure that you remain competitive and appeal to the growing demands of consumers to be eco-conscious.