Tips for Booking Holiday Accommodation in Sydney

Tips for Booking Holiday Accommodation in Sydney

As our countries capital, Sydney is undoubtedly the most well-known destination in Australia, and its popularity continues to grow year after year. In fact, according to the latest travel statistics, Sydney welcomed 11.1 million domestic overnight visitors for the year ending December 2018, up 11.5% on the previous year. Moreover, 27.1% of these visitors came to Sydney for a holiday.

If you’re looking to visit Sydney for an upcoming holiday, then chances are you will need holiday accommodation in Sydney. You’re in luck because at Beach Stays, its what we specialise in. However, while we’d love nothing more than for you to book holiday accommodation in Sydney with us, we also want to make sure you’ll choose holiday accommodation that suits your needs and budget.

Therefore, to help you find the perfect holiday accommodation in Sydney, I would like to offer the following tips.

Study the location

Personally, the least memorable holidays that I have had are those where I have booked accommodation that isn’t within walking distance to any shops, cafes, beaches etc. If your idea of a good holiday is to get out and explore the area on foot, then you will want to ensure you find holiday accommodation in Sydney that is well positioned. This is less important if you are driving to Sydney or plan to hire a car.

Alternatively, you might be looking for a secluded location that offers peace and tranquillity. In this case, you WILL want to find accommodation that isn’t amongst a village and is more isolated.

Work out your priorities

Next, consider what’s important to you from your accommodation. Obviously, you would have already considered the location, now consider things like features and amenities. Do you want Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, laundry facilities etc?

Also, consider the type of accommodation – do you want a hotel, apartment, holiday home etc. If you’d like to be waited on, then a hotel would be suitable. If you’re looking for privacy and convenience, then a holiday apartment or holiday house would be more suitable.

Consider who you’re travelling with

The needs and preferences of those you intend to travel with can easily be overlooked if they are not with you as you select holiday accommodation in Sydney. Therefore, it’s important to take into consideration their needs to keep everyone happy.

If you’re travelling with your family, consider what will keep your children occupied (and therefore, leave you in peace), if you’re travelling with another family, consider whether they require any special preferences such as cribs, roll-away beds etc.

Set a budget

Lastly, settle on a budget and stick to it. If you are looking for the best value for money, then keep in mind that a holiday house or holiday apartment will be able to accommodate more guests. If you’re sharing the accommodation with friends, you’re able to split the accommodation costs and therefore, get much better value for money than if you were to book a hotel suite, for instance.


Sydney is the most well-known and most visited region of Australia. In 2018, it welcomed over 11 million visitors, and 27.1% of these visitors came for a holiday.

If you’re planning to visit Sydney for a holiday, then you will need to book holiday accommodation in Sydney. To get the best accommodation to suit your needs and budget, study the location, consider your preferences, think about the needs of your travel party and set a budget.

If you’re ready to book holiday accommodation in Sydney, start by viewing the listings on our website. We offer privately managed holiday houses and apartments throughout Sydney’s Northern Beaches which won’t disappoint!

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