Holiday in North Sydney with your 4 Legged Friend – Dog-Friendly Accommodation in North Sydney

Holiday in North Sydney with your 4 Legged Friend – Dog-Friendly Accommodation in North Sydney

Every dog owner faces the problem of thinking twice before planning a holiday. While some people take the effort to find a dog-sitter or a relative to look after their believed pets, others simply leave their dogs behind and rely on a neighbour to feed them.

Either way, you are undoubtedly going to worry about your pet whilst you’re off enjoying your holiday. However, what if you didn’t have to? What if you were able to bring your dog with you?

If you are planning a holiday in North Sydney, then there are plenty of pet-friendly accommodation options. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best dog-friendly accommodation in North Sydney for you to consider.

But, first, let’s consider why you might want to take your dog with you on holiday.

It saves you worrying

dog friendly accommodation

Let’s face it – it’s never easy to find someone to look after your dog (or cat) when you go away – on a holiday, for work or otherwise – especially if you have high-maintenance dogs like mine! Even if you have a friend who is willing to look after your dog, you’re still going to worry about their behaviour or if they will suffer from separation anxiety. Plus, there’s always the risk of your dog playing up and causing damage to your friend’s property in your absence. And, even if you are paying a dog-sitter or have placed them in a kennel, you still have to consider the costs – these can range from $40-$100 per day.

With dog-friendly accommodation in North Sydney, you’re able to take your dog on holiday with you, which will save you a lot of worries and possibly money also. With dog-friendly accommodation, you and your dog can enjoy a great holiday together.

It allows you to reward your friend

Taking a holiday is a way of rewarding yourself for all the hard work you put in your life. It also allows you to free yourself from worries, relax and de-stress yourself.

Believe it or not, many dog owners say that taking their dog along on holiday frees their mind from guilt! This is because dogs are the most loyal pets to provide undying love and affection towards owners. Your dog deserves a reward for all the years of loyal service. Taking your dog along on holiday will also give your pet a chance to destress along with you.

Dog-friendly accommodation in North Sydney

The Love Shack

The Love Shack is a pet-friendly holiday home in Palm Beach

At Beach Stays, we offer dog-friendly accommodation in North Sydney for pet lovers, like your, to get away and enjoy a holiday without worry or guilt. Our dog-friendly properties include large, fully-fenced yards and come with ample outdoor and indoor space where you can spend time with your furry friend.

Enjoy all the luxury comforts of home in a wonderful beachside location with Beach Stays. Whether you’re looking to run around and play with your dog or you’re looking to explore Sydney knowing your dog is comfortable and secure, our rentals are perfect for you!

Check out our rentals at The Love Shack, Aub, and Ethels and Palm Beach House. Any of these dog-friendly holiday rentals make an excellent choice for your accommodation.


If you’re a dog owner, you must consider taking your pet along on your holiday in North Sydney. Taking your dog along will save you from the trouble of finding someone to look after your pet while you’re away and you won’t need to leave your pet behind in a kennel either. By taking your dog with you on holiday, you will be rewarding your pet for years of loyal service and save yourself from anxiety and guilt.

For dog-friendly accommodation in North Sydney, look no further than our holiday rentals at Beach Stays! Our luxurious pet-friendly properties will allow you to have the best possible holiday experience!

Please take a look at our range of holiday rentals in North Sydney and get in touch with us to book your holiday accommodation today!

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