Benefits of Booking Self-Contained Apartments in Sydney

Benefits of Booking Self-Contained Apartments in Sydney The Masthead Apartment in Palm Beach

If you’re tossing up what type of accommodation to book for your upcoming trip to Sydney, then might I suggest you consider self-contained apartments? While booking a hotel is usually the go-to option for many, self-contained apartments in Sydney offer much better value for money, and I’m not just saying that because they’re our bread and butter; it’s a fact!

Whether you’re visiting Sydney with your partner, family or friends, self-contained apartments offer fantastic value for money. They are often on par with the cost of a small hotel suite, yet they have so much more to offer. This is just one of the reasons why our self-contained apartments in Sydney are so popular amongst our guests. To find out more, continue reading the article.

Fantastic value for more

As mentioned in the intro, self-contained apartments in Sydney offer great value for money. If you compare them to a typical hotel suite, there really is no comparison. Apartments are similar if not cheaper in price, yet you are able to accommodate more people in a much larger space and with additional privacy, which we will look at in the next couple of points.

Provide plenty of space

Apartments are available in 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom formats, and they typically have a separate living and dining area and a full-size kitchen. Some also have their own laundry facilities or the apartment complex will.

Compared to a hotel suite, you can see that you’re getting much more space – it’s actually a livable space that you could comfortably and conveniently live in for an extended period of time.

…and privacy

Given that self-contained apartments in Sydney provide plenty of space, you are able to find a quiet area; whether that be a bedroom, balcony or living area, to get away from everyone else to have a moment of privacy.

If you’re travelling with kids, then privacy is a must! You will drive each other crazy if you are confined to a small space that offers no privacy; which is the downside of a hotel.

Are typically well located

In order to attract guests, self-contained apartments in Sydney are commonly located in popular areas. Such is the case with the Iluka Apartment that we manage in Palm Beach.

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make when booking accommodation is to book based solely on the price without considering the location. While there are of course some apartments in Sydney that offer a less than desirable location, holiday apartments that offer self-contained accommodation are typically well located close to shops, the beach, attractions or the town centre.

Offer great guest amenities

Hotels and resorts are not the only forms of accommodation to offer guest amenities. Apartments in Sydney also have great amenities for guests. Common amenities include a swimming pool and BBQ area.


Self-contained apartments in Sydney offer many benefits. Whether you’re visiting Sydney with your partner, family or friends, you will find self-contained apartments to offer better value for money than hotels, they provide more space and privacy, are generally well located and offer guests great amenities such as a pool and BBQ area.

To see our range of self-contained apartments in Sydney, simply click here. We have a number of apartments within the Iluka Apartment complex in Sydney’s prestigious suburb of Palm Beach – yes, where Home and Away is shot –  which offer all the benefits mentioned in this article, and, from as little as $180 per night during the low season, I think you’ll agree, they are more than affordable!

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