Situated between a tranquil inner harbour beach on one side and a popular surf beach on the other, Manly’s harmonious balance of carefree beach life and urban sophistication makes it one of Sydney’s most popular playgrounds. Whether you are looking to surf, swim, shop or wine and dine, you’ll be able to thoroughly immerse yourself in Manly.

food and Drinks

To find Somewhere to eat or drink is Manly certainly isnt a hard thing to do as you just have to turn up. Manly pretty much is made up of restaurants and cafes so take you pick and please let us know if find anything interesting.

How to get here

Getting to Manly is with a doubt one of the fun things to do in Sydney. Once you have alighted your aircraft make your way via Taxi, Uber, Train or bus to circular key where you will find an assortment of ferries, either the Sydney ferry or the fast ferry will get you to Manly.

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